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Classement Etape 1 – Moyenne Haute vhrs Télécharger On the occasion of the centenary of the brand, Omega launched the Centenary Centennial Watch in 1948, which is the first limited edition watch with Omega self-winding movement and precision watch certification.fake rolex The Centenary Centennial Watch combines precision and practicality with the positive market response Omega believes that the watch for the release of the precision automatic watch series has matured. Classement Etape 1 – Moyenne Intermédiare vhrs Télécharger
18-Heures Départ Etape 2 moderneTélécharger 18-Heures Départ Etape 2 vhc Télécharger 03-Heures Départ Etape 2 vhrs Télécharger 03-Heures Départ Etape 2 vmrs Télécharger 12-Heures Départ Etape 2 opel Télécharger This watch combines multiple colors on different surfaces, with a number of nuanced pieces, precious inserts and an asymmetrical bezel made with precious materials to create a unique 3D effect on the bold silhouette of this watch. Valuing the focus on time,fake watches innovation and evolution in watch design.
01-liste-Engages-vhrsTélécharger 02-liste-Partants-vhrsTélécharger Product designer Werner Aisslinger and partner Tina Bunyaprasit, the creative team at Aisslinger Studio, and NOMOS’s own designer designed this bold watch together. From the Museum of Contemporary Art in New York (MoMA) to the V&A Museum to the Vitra Design Museum, his works are favored by exhibitions around the world. The dial is inspired by the racetrack,replica breitling whose linear design is displayed on the edge of the dial and on the small seconds hand. The narrow date window can display three different dates at the same time, namely yesterday, today and tomorrow at a glance.replica hublot In addition, the watch has a quick date adjustment function that can be easily adjusted by two-way operation of the crown. Aisslinger and Bunyaprasit are delighted with the news: Designing a mechanical watch is a very meaningful project and to win the Good Design Award now is even more amazing. It’s a good start for [...]
PosN°EquipageVoitureGr ClTemps
PénalitésEcart 1erEcart préc.1HERBETH Jean-Louis
JOVER ChristopheFord Escort RS 2000RH582Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0 RSRH60+2+23Renault Alpine A 110RH90+32+30

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Classement-General-Final-Moyenne-Haute-vhrsTélécharger Classement-General-Final-Moyenne-Intermediaire-vhrsTélécharger Classement-General-Final-Moyenne-Moderee-vhrsTélécharger
N°EquipageGr ClVoiture.1AbandoncommentairePilote x
Copilote YF RGT
RGT/FRGTAlpine A110AbandonSortie de route sans gravité dans Morzine – Montriond Sono una persona pratica, ma ho un debole per il palloncino blu, perché il palloncino blu è il primo orologio che conosco. A quel tempo, ho letto una rivista di moda. La celebrità all’interno aveva un orologio alla mano. è stato molto bello.breitling replica Ho ricordato in particolare il nome dell’orologio, chiamato il palloncino blu. In seguito, mi sono interessato all’orologio, ho comprato molti orologi e il palloncino blu è stato uno di quelli che ho acquistato con decisione.

PosN°EquipageVoitureGr ClTempsEcart 1erEcart préc.123 1:1 replica omega, the best quality watches online, are worthy of everyone’s trust. Classement RZ6

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PosN°EquipageVoitureGr ClTemps
PénalitésEcart 1erEcart préc.1408HERBETH Jean-Louis
JOVER ChristopheFord Escort RS 2000RH582400BAILLET Christophe
REPPERT FrédéricPorsche 911 Carrera 3.0 RSRH60+2+23404COPPOLA Jean-Pierre
BOULANGER ChristianRenault Alpine A 110RH90+32+30 19-Classement-General-Final-Moyenne-Haute-vhrs-22Télécharger 19-Classement-General-Final-Moyenne-Intermediaire-vhrs-22Télécharger 19-Classement-General-Final-Moyenne-Moderee-vhrs-22Télécharger
PosN°EquipageGr ClTotal pointsA8-1A8-2A8-3A8-41418MERCIER Pierre
Porsche 911 Carrera 2RH3,00+20-102400BAILLET Christophe
REPPERT Frédéric
Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0 RSRH4,0000+1+33408HERBETH Jean-Louis
JOVER Christophe
Ford Escort RS 2000RH4,00-1+1-1+1 11-Classement ZR8Télécharger
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